There’s nothing quite as terrifying as the realization that if you were to just stop talking to the people you care the most about, they would just be like “well darn” and move on with their lives, when vice versa you would fall apart in every way imaginable.


Reasons why Cold Months are the best:


  1. No bugs
  2. Warm Sweaters, Boots & Comfy Clothing
  3. Halloween
  4. Thanksgiving
  5. Christmas
  6. New Years
  7. Soup
  8. Cozy Blankets & Cuddling
  9. Hot Chocolate & Pumpkin Spice Lattes
  10. Beautiful Snow
  11. Gorgeous Autumn Trees
  12. Crisp Air
  13. Pumpkin Picking
  14. Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree in NYC
  15. The Scents & Tastes
  16. Christmas & Halloween Movies and TV Specials
  17. The Atmosphere & Lights & Decorations
  18. No Bugs
  19. No Bugs
  20. No Bugs

So many souls striving for perfection,
Living as if victims of natural selection,
never thinking of escape from society’s rule of thumb.
Striving for a face worthy of a photograph,
To do something worthy of their epitaph,
saying it doesn’t matter but fighting to the death for a part of the total sum.

I wish I could say I weren’t one of them, one of the souls fighting to the end for something that doesn’t deserve to begin.
But I too want a smile of straight, white teeth,
friends who are all better than me,
To be a broken branch from the family tree
that’s rooted in a long dead dynasty,
Of kings and queens, and slaves and dreams
Of a better life for you and for me,
And a prayer to God that tomorrow’s light
Will end my plight. My fight for what shouldn’t be right.

- if my life were meant to be sung to the tune of the theme song from Fresh prince of bel air. Thank you, I’m here all week

I am undecided between these three philosophies:

1. Screw feelings. Let’s all be logical emotionless Vulcans.

2. Feelings give flavor, both wretched and divine, to an otherwise mechanical life.

3. Food

I fully support gender equality;
And for that reason, I have a huge problem with society’s campaign to make large women feel better about themselves while fat guys are still assumed to be creepy and stalkerish and society says they should be feared.

Just as the beauty of women can not be measured in physical attractiveness, the gentlemanliness and safety of men can not be measured by weight and facial hair.

There are pretty girls with hideous personalities, and there are handsome guys who are terrifyingly perverted.
There are large women who are gorgeous in every way, and there are large men who are perfect gentlemen.